Monday, October 5, 2009

The Girls are Back

Nope, not the twins, MY girls.  My boobies, ta-tas, puppies, whatever you want to call them - they are MINE again.  No more nursing for me!  Life as I knew it has changed dramatically.  No more mommy guilt for not taking the time to nurse both girls and pump instead.  No feeling of anxiety because I really needed to drink that extra cup of coffee that morning.  No more worrying about spicy food, medication, alcohol, not enough water, etc, etc.  No more worrying about leaking through the nursing pads in the store if I needed to go shopping.  No more questions about why I am only pumping 3 ounces this time from people who have never pumped EVER.  (That is my favorite one by the way---do other moms have some type of ticker in their boobs that let them know every ounce that the baby drinks?  Get a grip, the pump is not the same as the baby, nor can you compare ounce to ounce the breast milk to formula.  And by the way, the amount you produce does fluctuate!!!)  No more taking Fenugreek or drinking Mother's Milk (neither one of which made a significant difference for me) because I let the idiot comments about how much I was pumping get to me.  No more looking like Dolly before I pump, then looking like Grandma Lee after I pump.  No more whipping the girls out to pump regardless of who was in my house (thank you bug guy for not knocking when re-entering that one day).  No more horrible, huge strapped, ugly looking one boob can pop out bras.  No more, no more, no more.

Tonight I am going to put on my tiniest, sexiest bra with no support and have some adult beverages because tomorrow morning I can drink as much coffee as I want!!!!


  1. You should write for a mag or paper girl!! You have talent with words!!

  2. Thanks lady - I appreciate it!