Nope, not gems of knowledge, just little gems I'd like to remember.

8. Karlie was brushing her toe nails today with my toothbrush.  She thought that they needed to be cleaned.  Thank god I saw it!!!!!!!!

7.  The babies love to "talk" on the phone.  Yesterday, Ella started cocking out her little hip while she talks.  Then all of the sudden she starts laughing and giggling uncontrollably.  Throws herself back like whatever on the phone was the funniest thing she's ever "heard."  Two seconds later she stands up cocks out her little hip, says, "yadblahdelelhekkc.  bye" and hangs up. 
Can you say unlimited talk plan?

6.  Maggie pushes Karlie or Ella to grab a toy; Ella snatches it and takes off at a run.   

5.  Karlie says "It wasn't there!" and crosses her arms right now if she doesn't agree with what you say.  She is really trying to say "It's not fair!"

4.  Karlie says food is "tummy yummy" if it's really good.

3.  Maggie threw her first real fit the other night.  She is 9 months and like 2 days, pitching big girl fits.  She was in her high chair, very upset about waiting that 30 seconds for her food, and screwed up her little face and just screamed.  She then proceeded to stop, look directly at me, bang her hands and scream again.  I'm talking about a "real" fit.  Isn't it a little early for all of that?

2.  I finally told the hubs that every fourth night I don't cook if he hasn't helped with the dishes.  I thought that might encourage him to start helping with the dishes again.  Now he does the dishes every third night.  -I should have said two nights!!

1.  Karlie has been carrying purse around.  She takes it when she "goes to work." In it is about 10 pounds of chain, play makeup, and a battery.  -That's my girl!!!