Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ode to the Shower

O hot, lingering shower, how do I miss thee.  Let me count the ways....

Seriously, here I am again, everyone has been bathed, hair washed and all have clean clothes....except me. 

Why do I not shower in the morning before my husband gets up you ask?  Because it is the surest way to wake up my 2-year old.  I like to hold on the idea that she may stay in bed at least until the hubbie wakes up.  Add that to the normal get changed, fed and back in bed scenario with two babies, and what was 5am (you just thought it was early and you might have some time to yourself), quickly becomes 7am, which is also when the hubbie hops in the shower, thus waking up Miss Karlie.

Why do I not shower in the evenings?  I blame that solely on the hubbie.  Ha ha.  Seriously, by the time he gets home, finishes working from the house, it is make dinner time, then yet again, since Karlie is in bed, I don't want to wake her up. 

Why do I not shower during the day?  Ok, 2 babies and a 2-year old.  No, they do not all sleep at once (that happened apparently as a freak accident early on and has not been repeated), and the few times I've tried it, wow, the entire desk drawer in the office was "cleaned" out and I was dripping wet with a towel for about 20 minutes holding Miss Ella because she was NOT happy.

On the few days that I do get a shower in the morning....Thank you Aunt Traci for coming over and letting Mommy have the illusion of no baby spit up, snot or any other bodily fluid that can be projected and/or wiped all over Mommy's clothes.  It is so nice to have those first few minutes of total clean. 

So, O elusive shower, though I completely took you for granted before, especially those times I was able to wash my hair AND shave at the same time, I will never take you for granted again. 

Please tell your friend the bathtub that he is dead to me.

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