Friday, October 30, 2009

Doctor Visit Again!!!!

Ok, so the last time we went to the doctor's office was HORRIBLE.  I am talking about every bodily fluid that could be projected or expelled by each one of my three children happened.  We go for a simple weight check for the twins - no biggie right?  Maggie pees all over the scale, of course she is naked, so she has to be completely wiped down and cleaned up.  Karlie decides it is the perfect time to poop - like an explosion poop mind you, so she needs to be completely cleaned up.  Then, Miss Ella while she is patiently waiting her turn (ha, ha) to be weighed, not only spits up twice, but poops too.  So, we get the babies weighed, and I tell the nurse, I'm sorry, but we're going to be a little while before we can leave this room.  An entire box of wipes later, we are heading out the door. 

So yesterday I am a little leery of the doctor visit.  I know we have to have shots, and we are ALL already cranky - Karlie is feeling a little under the weather, and the girls are still teething.  So, I'm armed and ready with a full box of wipes and change of clothes for everyone.  We are ready.  So we get there, and we do the initial stuff, then go to the room.  Well, apparently Karlie thinks she is getting a flu mist again, because as soon as we step foot in the room, she goes ballistic!  She covers up her little nose and starts screaming at the top of her lungs - SCREAMING.  At this point there is no explaining that we are there for the twins and not her.  SHE COULDN'T HEAR ME OVER THE SCREAMING.  So the doctor comes in and she goes even more ballistic - which I really didn't think was possible, and we proceed to attempt to have a conversation about the twins.  Then, here comes the nurse with the shots.  At this point we are at a level of ballistic that never, ever, ever  in all of my 30 odd years had I thought was humanly possible.  Well, it is.  Mr. man the doctor wimps out and shouts, "why don't you call me with any questions, she'll get the shots for you" and escapes.  What a punk!!!!!  So the nurse proceeds to give Ella her shots.  Now, at this point in Mommy hood I am fairly good at juggling 2 babies at once, but that is about my limit.  So, I've got Karlie (because that's helping so much!) and Ella, who is just a little upset at the woman stabbing sharp needles in her leg, trying to calm her down.  I quiet down Ella, who was a champ, and begin to buckle her into her car seat.  I look up and notice the nurse about to stab Maggie.  I said, "Can you wait just a sec, so I can get over there?" the super, wonderful chick stabs her anyway.  Now, I speak maybe 3 languages, 2 very little, but I do consider English to be my forte.  WHAT THE HELL?????  So, here I am with one baby going ballistic, one baby in the car seat crying all over again, and one baby who just got her shots and really needs some cuddling.  This is really the situation I was trying to avoid - that's why I told her to wait a minute!!!!  So here I am again, telling the nurse, "I'm sorry but we are going to be a few minutes before we can leave the room." 

I hate doctor visits.

On a positive note....both girls are in the 50th percentile!!!!  They are doing great!!!!


  1. Hang in there!! You are a great mom--keep up the blog.....Dale and I enjoy it. Your Aunt Karen. Love you!!

  2. You guys are awesome. Love you too!