Thursday, September 24, 2009

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers

This is my shameless plug for

So recently I placed my first diaper order at  Wow, what an awesome idea to have your diapers delivered to your door.  Typically, I would pack all the girls up, take my fistful of coupons and head off to whatever store has a sale that week.  Of course I would come home with a huge assortment of diapers - none of which were the brand I preferred - but feeling satisfied that for the next 2 weeks I had found the most economical way to keep my babie's butts dry.  Seriously, when you need to buy 300 or so diapers every 2 weeks (that's pushing it between the 3) you've got to work the system.  My favorite was shopping at the local Kroger.  Occasionally, you can print $3 off coupons online for their store brand and end up buying a pack of 56 diapers for around $3.50.  Pretty good deal right?  Until they stop letting you print the coupons or they expire.  So, I decided that I'd price the diapers at and see what was what.  They have buy in bulk cheaper prices, but the thing that sold me was the discounts.  They offer a first time buy discount, free shipping, referral cash, etc.  Then, when I found out I could send in my coupons and they would credit my next order, I was sold!!!  I get to use my coupons too!!!!  The diapers arrive in two days, and no more special trips to the store for diapers for me!  Thank you, thank you!!!

Instant Savings:  Use referral code JTIG8044 to save $10 on your first order!

Tip for MOMs:  Huggies and Pampers will both send you extra coupons if contact them and let them know you have twins.

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