Monday, August 9, 2010

Knip Knop

The hubs and I bought a ping pong table this weekend - from Craigslist of course.  We've been wanting one for quite some time, but frankly we didn't really have time to even play.  But, now all the birthday parties and such are done, the gardens are basically maintaining themselves, and the babies are actually all going to sleep at the same time at night, FINALLY we can sneak out to the garage and have a little one on one time.

Soooo, after weeks and weeks of smack talk from both sides, we were finally able to face each other down from across the table.  The hubs has a very long wing span to his advantage - and has some skills no doubt.  But lets just face it - I can more than hold my own on any game where volleying is involved. 

First game - I won.  Second game - Joseph, our house guest lost to me.  Third game - the hubs beat Joseph.  Fourth game - the hubs beat me.  Now we're at a tie.  I cannot wait to play again!  What is it about playing sports with your significant other that is so fun? 

That was seriously the best $40 we have EVER spent.

Note to the hubs - I'm going to beat you down tonight son - please don't cry afterwards!!!!!


  1. Go for it!! Sounds like great fun if you can put up with the AL heat wave this year.

  2. No kidding - I think it was only 100 yesterday and it felt great!