Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

I'm having a morning.  One of those mornings.  I woke up at 5am this morning ecstatic about being awake all by myself - I was going to get stuff done I'm talking about.  And I have - I picked okra, already flashed it and have it in the freezer, watered all the gardens, cleaned the garage from the 18year old cocker that decided it was her potty last night, did 2 loads of laundry and made bread.

Rocking this morning.  At 7am, when everyone started to wake up, I made breakfast got everyone fed, changed all the sheets and began my grocery list.  Then walked back into the garage, had to re-clean it from the cocker.  Came back inside and got smacked in the face with the broom from Mags (didn't hurt but screwed up my contact).  Picked up Ella after breakfast and she took a huge bite out of my shoulder.  Fell all the way down in the kitchen because everyone was under foot as I was putting dishes away.  Had my foot smashed by Karlie who decided that it would be cute to jump on top of my foot with her dress up shoes.  And now, as I was playing on the floor with the girls, Mags just threw up all over my face and shirt.

It's only 9:30 now and I'm thinking it's going to be a miracle if I make it through lunch.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Knip Knop

The hubs and I bought a ping pong table this weekend - from Craigslist of course.  We've been wanting one for quite some time, but frankly we didn't really have time to even play.  But, now all the birthday parties and such are done, the gardens are basically maintaining themselves, and the babies are actually all going to sleep at the same time at night, FINALLY we can sneak out to the garage and have a little one on one time.

Soooo, after weeks and weeks of smack talk from both sides, we were finally able to face each other down from across the table.  The hubs has a very long wing span to his advantage - and has some skills no doubt.  But lets just face it - I can more than hold my own on any game where volleying is involved. 

First game - I won.  Second game - Joseph, our house guest lost to me.  Third game - the hubs beat Joseph.  Fourth game - the hubs beat me.  Now we're at a tie.  I cannot wait to play again!  What is it about playing sports with your significant other that is so fun? 

That was seriously the best $40 we have EVER spent.

Note to the hubs - I'm going to beat you down tonight son - please don't cry afterwards!!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Response to Anonymous.....

So this is strictly dedicated to "anonymous" who said that they didn't believe my couponing.  See the pic here?  This is what I bought yesterday for $14.  Since the Charmin and Diapers alone are well over $14 there's your proof.  Here is the receipt if you need more proof.  And since this is really a boring subject, why would I lie?????? 
On a much happier note - how cute is the noodle??

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bragging Rights

I don't usually do this, but I am feeling really confident that I'm saving as much money as possible at the stores lately and wanted to share how: 

First of all, CVS this weekend.  This is what I bought:

1 Box of 96 Pampers - $21.99
1 Bag Pullups - $11.99
1 Pampers Wipes Refill - $7.99
1 Gillette Fusion Razor w/ blades for hubs - $9.79
Razors for me - $1.00
2 Gallons of Milk - 5.00+

Guess how much I paid for all of that?  $34 out of pocket...seriously!  For $57+ worth of stuff.  Doesn't sound like such a great savings when you're bragging on it, but when you do that every time you go to the store, whether it's CVS or the grocery store it really adds up quick!

This is how it went down if you'd like to know:  Pampers and Pullups in first transaction.  Used coupons for both with a $5 off $30 coupon.  Received $10 in ECB, spent $27.  Second transaction was wipes and razors, coupons for all and used ECB, spent $7.  Third transaction (I didn't realize I was going to get 5ECB, otherwise it would have went down differently), so I bought 2 gallons of milk for a buck. 

Second, I've been walking out of Kroger once a week with at least 2-3 things completely free, and quite a few items for .25 or less.  Why?  Well, they double coupons and if you wait until they go on sale for 10/10, then those .50 coupons double and the items are free.  BUT here is the really super awesome thing I just discovered - Kroger is not only taking electronic coupons loaded to your shopper card, but they will also take their own printed coupons from checkout (the cashier hands you), and a manufacturer coupon - ALL for the same 1 item.  That equals really, really cheap!

HOWEVER, that's not where it ends.  I signed up for a Upromise account ( and I actually have money deposited into a college fund for the girls when I buy certain items.  SOOOO, say I buy Cottonell toilet paper 12pack at Kroger - I normally have $2.00 off loaded on my shopper card, a $2.00 Kroger coupon, and a .50 manufacturer coupon that doubles.  So that is $5.00 off the toilet paper that was on sale for $5.99.  Then, Upromise will give me $1.50 in my college fund account and so I just made .50.  Essentially I am getting paid to shop for the things we needed (which I bought super cheap) - all I had to do was clip some coupons and then check out the ads that week and make a list!!!

To the hubs it's almost more work than it's worth.  To me, it's something to keep my mind busy on (in between eating bon bons) and to feel like I am really contributing money-wise as best as I can.