Thursday, September 24, 2009

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers

This is my shameless plug for

So recently I placed my first diaper order at  Wow, what an awesome idea to have your diapers delivered to your door.  Typically, I would pack all the girls up, take my fistful of coupons and head off to whatever store has a sale that week.  Of course I would come home with a huge assortment of diapers - none of which were the brand I preferred - but feeling satisfied that for the next 2 weeks I had found the most economical way to keep my babie's butts dry.  Seriously, when you need to buy 300 or so diapers every 2 weeks (that's pushing it between the 3) you've got to work the system.  My favorite was shopping at the local Kroger.  Occasionally, you can print $3 off coupons online for their store brand and end up buying a pack of 56 diapers for around $3.50.  Pretty good deal right?  Until they stop letting you print the coupons or they expire.  So, I decided that I'd price the diapers at and see what was what.  They have buy in bulk cheaper prices, but the thing that sold me was the discounts.  They offer a first time buy discount, free shipping, referral cash, etc.  Then, when I found out I could send in my coupons and they would credit my next order, I was sold!!!  I get to use my coupons too!!!!  The diapers arrive in two days, and no more special trips to the store for diapers for me!  Thank you, thank you!!!

Instant Savings:  Use referral code JTIG8044 to save $10 on your first order!

Tip for MOMs:  Huggies and Pampers will both send you extra coupons if contact them and let them know you have twins.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is This My Life????

So I had that moment yesterday.  That moment when you say to yourself, "I absolutely cannot take it anymore.  Do you babies not realize that I'm doing the best I can?  I only have 2 hands!!!!  This cannot be my life!"  It all started because I had taken everyone outside to play.  Beautiful day, the babies are enjoying it, and of course Karlie Bea is on cloud nine.  Well, Karlie came running back to me totally freaked out/scared out of her mind about something.  Then Ella starts crying.  Then Maggie starts crying.  Babies cry, and god knows that I get that and it's ok.  But everyone was CRYING.  You know what I'm talking about.  Pissed off and disgusted CRYING.  So, while I'm still holding Karlie Bea, truth be told it was more like I was being held for dear life, I begin to make our transition to the inside.  And I can smell the reason why the babies are crying (they do NOT like to have poops), which just adds to my overall feeling of frustration.  I mean REALLY?  I've already changed 19 diapers today.  9 of which were poops.  It's only 3 in the afternoon!  And how in the world do you two time it the same every single time?  Sooooo, I get everyone inside, one baby at a time of course, because don't forget I'm still being clung to.  Now I need to figure out how the hell to get the babies out of the carriers and get them clean butts and still be the loving, comforting mommy that my oldest needs right now.  But I cannot even think.  Everyone is still CRYING.  So I get Ella out of the chair and I'm sitting on my ottoman rocking my big baby and youngest baby, moving the chair with my foot to at least try to sooth Maggie since yet again, I only have 2 hands.  I close my eyes and I think this sucks!!!!!  I want to go to work!  This cannot be my life!  I take a couple of deep breaths and think, I'll start looking for jobs tomorrow. 
Then I open my eyes and I see my darling little Maggie just grinning from ear to ear up at her Mommy.  Then I look down at my angel Ella and see that she is totally content, and Karlie Bea, bless her, says, "ok mommy, you ok?"  And I reply, "Of course love, I'm ok, are you ok?  You must have been very scared." 

Thank God that's over.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Teething Again!

Yep, it's the twins.  Karlie (my 2 year old) had all her teeth by a year.  Maggie and Ella are 3 months old today, and we officially have teeth coming through.  You can even see them.  Poor little things.  Time to break out the teething tablets...aka Baby Crack in our house.  15 minutes after a couple of tablets and your sweet, smiling baby just came back.  I wanted to mention those because I've talked to 3 different people in the past 2 weeks who have never tried them.  Try them!  They make their/your life so much better!  They are the only thing that really worked with Karlie.  We even tried the whiskey on the gums thing with her, but after talking to other folks realized we were doing it wrong.  Apparently you rub whiskey on the baby's gums, and then the parents take a shot.  That's what makes it all better.  And, as much as I love a good shot of whiskey, I can't really be doing shooters in the Wally world or wherever else we are that day.  So, later today I'm off to the store for some Baby Crack.  Hopefully they'll work for you too!!!!   

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A new MOM

For those of you who don't know, MOM is also known as Mothers of Multiples.  Obviously I'm not a new mom - my oldest is 2 (that endearing age when "No, I don't want to" is the automatic response to every question asked) - but I am definitely new to having twins.  The twins are wonderful, beautiful, happy babies.  For those of you with any question in your mind, there has been NO post-partum.  I am quite content without 2 babies inside of me kicking in different directions.  In fact, in that last month there was some question in my mind whether I could even love these 2 who had decided to make my organs their playground.  Of course that all changes once you push them out (yes, it can be done without c-section).  Actually pushing them out gives you the sense that you finally have control over your body again.  That is until you realize that you will never, ever, ever sleep again.  So, I've created this blog to be my sounding board, journal, and own personal outreach program for anyone interested.