Friday, September 11, 2009

Teething Again!

Yep, it's the twins.  Karlie (my 2 year old) had all her teeth by a year.  Maggie and Ella are 3 months old today, and we officially have teeth coming through.  You can even see them.  Poor little things.  Time to break out the teething tablets...aka Baby Crack in our house.  15 minutes after a couple of tablets and your sweet, smiling baby just came back.  I wanted to mention those because I've talked to 3 different people in the past 2 weeks who have never tried them.  Try them!  They make their/your life so much better!  They are the only thing that really worked with Karlie.  We even tried the whiskey on the gums thing with her, but after talking to other folks realized we were doing it wrong.  Apparently you rub whiskey on the baby's gums, and then the parents take a shot.  That's what makes it all better.  And, as much as I love a good shot of whiskey, I can't really be doing shooters in the Wally world or wherever else we are that day.  So, later today I'm off to the store for some Baby Crack.  Hopefully they'll work for you too!!!!   

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