Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A new MOM

For those of you who don't know, MOM is also known as Mothers of Multiples.  Obviously I'm not a new mom - my oldest is 2 (that endearing age when "No, I don't want to" is the automatic response to every question asked) - but I am definitely new to having twins.  The twins are wonderful, beautiful, happy babies.  For those of you with any question in your mind, there has been NO post-partum.  I am quite content without 2 babies inside of me kicking in different directions.  In fact, in that last month there was some question in my mind whether I could even love these 2 who had decided to make my organs their playground.  Of course that all changes once you push them out (yes, it can be done without c-section).  Actually pushing them out gives you the sense that you finally have control over your body again.  That is until you realize that you will never, ever, ever sleep again.  So, I've created this blog to be my sounding board, journal, and own personal outreach program for anyone interested.