Saturday, September 11, 2010

On the Road Again

Actually it's literal.  We are on the road to upstate New York as I am typing this.  Vacation Time!!!!!!!  It was mandatory - the hubs' boss told him to go on vacation and he'd throw some cash our way.  He told us to get all the way away.  Sooooo, after thinking and thinking on it.....we decided to go!  Ha, ha, can you imagine the excitement in our house the night we found out?  We haven't been on vacation in 5 years - and that was our honeymoon.  The difference is that now we have these babies and all of their stuff. 
Here's the jeep loaded to the max.  We actually had people at the gas station ask us exactly how many babies did we have because of all the strollers. 
Here's my girls - packed in like sardines around their stuff.  Karlie Bea is beyond excited - she gets to see a huge farm with tons of cows and ride horses (the hubs' Aunt's farm), see the biggest waterfall ever (Niagara Falls), go to the beach for the first time, and see lots of race cars (Nascar Hall of Fame).  But really, could you ask for a better vacation for a 3-year old?  Honestly, you can't ask for any better at 30 something either - especially when it's mandatory!
Well, it's midnight.  The babies are asleep and the hubs is beginning to nod at the wheel, so it's my turn to take over.  Hopefully we will be greeted with lots of moos by 9 in the a.m.

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