Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Farm Girls

We are in New York, first leg of our trip.  It is one of the most beautiful parts of the country that I have ever seen.  The people are unbelievable - extremely nice and REAL.  We're staying on Stephen's (the hubs) Aunt's dairy farm - I have never seen so many cows in one place at a time.  Every morning we have to take a trip around the farm and see all the cows, and every night we have to say goodnight to them.  The very first of one of these trips, all of our girls ended up covered in poop running and falling through the barn and had to be hosed off-it felt a lot like home, except at our house it's usually some mud puddle they made.  Because of our excursion, every time Karlie sees a cow, real or not, she exclaims, "they have really big poops and pees."  It's still funny now, a hundred of such exclamations ago.

Yesterday we went to ride horses and then to a Cider Mill.  The girls were unbelievable.  We could barely keep Karlie off of the horse long enough to let the babies ride!  She was a natural! 

Maggie loved it too.  She was all smiles the entire time.  When we took her off, she would follow the horse around the arena yelling.

Ella on the other hand wasn't too sure she was into it.  She was a little peeved that we kept picking her up out of the sand she was eating.

She perked right up when we put Mags on the horse with her though.

And here is all three - what a picture!  They all had a blast! 
Afterwards we went to the Cider Mill and got to pick out the tastiest apples we've ever had, then feed the ducks.  How bored are my kids going to be when we get home?

Oh well, can't wait to see what they'll think of "the biggest waterfall ever"!

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