Friday, July 2, 2010

1st Birthday Party for ME!!!

ME=Maggie and Ella.....of course!

Unfortunately we were unable to get a pic of Maggie covered in cake - she was very tired with all the commotion that day!

Aren't their hats cute?  Grandma Juannelle made those for them...each one slightly different.
Here is Maggie.  AKA Mags, Magpie, and Maggie May. 

She said, "It looks good, but it's too hot and why are people staring at me?"

Here is Ella.  AKA Ella Bella, Ella Lou, and as Karlie says constantly...Ellwa!!!!  Usually followed by "stop it."

Yep, that's a big shiner...her 2nd to be exact.  That one is fearless. 

She never has a problem eating cake...or anything else you put in front of her.

So, it was extremely hot that day, and yet we did most of the partying outside.  Lots of baby pool action, and of course, the redneck slip and slide.  Not sure who had more fun on that one - the kids or the hubs.  Yes, those are vinyls from bill boards, and yes the posts are part of our old electric fencing.  The best part was that it was crazy slippery b/c of the dish soap!  Can you say REDNECK!

All in all, I am still in shock that the babies are a year old.  I am SOOOOO glad we are at this point though.  Can't wait to see what this next year will bring!

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