Friday, July 30, 2010

All Grown Up

We had Karlie's party last weekend.  Thanks to she got the chocolate butterfly cake that she wanted.  In fact, that was the ONLY thing she wanted for her birthday....until she began opening presents of course.

I think it turned out pretty cute - it was a lot easier to make than the babies' cakes were, that's for sure.

It was really hot that day, lots of swimming and playing.   Thanks to Grandma Nancy who provided the best venue ever on a 100 degree day.

Here are some more pics of Karlie - she got some really cool gifts - dress up clothes, a kitchen, blocks, and a ton of other stuff.  Between all her "big girl toys" and the trikes that the hubs and I bought her, we came home to a whole different world for her to play in. 

So I'm not sure if it's been the big girl toys, playing with all of her cousins, or even the fact that it was finally her birthday party (she got a little jealous the twins party was before hers), but she grew up light years last weekend.  For example, she's always been little mama to the girls, but now she sits and just talks to them, hugs and loves on them, explains why she says no no to them, brings them toys - it's just amazing.  There is a lot less of the tri-cry going on now too which has done wonders for my patience as well.

And now at least once a day she comes up to me and as always, grabs my face with her little hands and says, "Look at me Mommy, I have to tell yous somting...I loves you Mommy.  I really, really, loves you."

What a sweet girl we have.

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