Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy's Bandaids

The babies and Karlie play all the time now.  It is heart-warming and nerve-racking at the same time.  The babies follow her all over the house, and she herds them together when the mood suits her. 

Sunday the babies are creeping all over the house and end up in the bathroom.  So Karlie runs in and shuts the door, trapping them all in.  The hubs and I decide that until someone starts crying it should be fine because there are child locks on everything.  Well, so we thought.

So Karlie, being the super tall, inquisitive thing she is, decided she could climb up on the toilet and grab things out of the cupboard above the toilet.  Well, she found "Mommy's bandaids."  Yes, that it how I've been explaining away my little gift each month, and up until now it has worked great.

Well, Karlie decided that Maggie and Ella needed bandaids.  Lots and lots of bandaids.  Bandaids on their heads, Bandaids on their legs and arms.  Karlie herself had bandaids on as well. 

So we opened the bathroom door to discover 3 babies, all covered in "bandaids" sitting talking to each other, having a great time.  Karlie looks up and says, "I fixed our owies Mommy, look!"

The hubs did not think that it was as funny as I did.  It reminded me of that email of the little boy naked covered in pads that went around years ago.  I was on the floor laughing it was so funny.  Personally, I think that it was just one small glimpse into having a house full of girls.

So, we let the babies out of the bathroom, also known as bandaid hell, seemingly unharmed by their sister's doctoring, and of course Mommy's bandaids have now been moved.

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