Thursday, April 22, 2010


So, I finally have a computer that works.  Been some trouble in that department.  I have to say that it was incredibly frustrating to keep paying that internet bill too, when it was absolutely not being utilized.  It did make me realize that I am overwhelmingly happy when I do not have to do some spreadsheet for my husband or any of the other ten million things that we all use a computer for on a daily basis.  I think that technology is great, but wow it adds an un-needed stress to life at times.

The girls are all doing wonderful.  Maggie and Ella are BUSY!  They clap and blow kisses, play peek-a-boo, try to take that first step and get way too excited and fall.  Maggie loves music, dancing, singing and playing on her piano.  Ella is my athlete - she will chase a ball for hours, and she pushes herself to the limit physically as much as possible just to see what will happen.

Karlie is in the "Why" stage.  I have to say that this is the best stage yet.  I know people get annoyed with this one, but it is absolutely my favorite.  You can control the direction of the conversation, the baby is learning, and you don't have to hear "no, I don't want to!" all day long.

My gardens are all planted.  For those of you that don't know, I have a horrible aversion to staying inside all day long, and now that the weather is beautiful I am in heaven.  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get them in.  I have an edible garden in front, my tomato patch on the side of the house, a large garden out back, and another small one beside the porch for radishes, carrots, peas, etc.  Actually, we are already on the second batch of radishes which I continue planting all summer because Karlie eats them so fast.  And I think that I've decided to do another sunflower patch along our back fence just because.  But finally, I can come inside with dirt on my hands and sore muscles and know that I've actually accomplished something.  Plus, what it is about making things grow, and more importantly growing your own food, that is so satisfying? 

All the babies are so happy too.  They eat grass and dirt and love exploring eveything they see.  Karlie has always been an outside girl, so she jumps out of bed ready to go outside every day.

Life is good at our house.

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