Monday, March 15, 2010


It's official...We've got creepers.  Not slow, make your way towards an object like a baby just learning to crawl; but go all out, screaming for joy at our new found talent creepers. 

Maggie's been crawling for month's now.  She did the rock back and forth, scoot, normal learn to crawl thing.  Then once she learned, she would go, go, go...then lose her balance and end up on her back.  This was a serious problem for her as she was so intent on crawling, she didn't think to just roll over to get going again.  Instead she laid floundering on the floor until she got help.

Ella just started crawling last week.  It was a Friday night, and after weeks of watching her big sister and somehow doing some strange acrobatic roll, twist, and scoot to get where she was going, she finally decided she would crawl.  We rolled a ball past her, and she took off like she's been crawling for weeks. 

Now both girls are pulling up, taking steps, and generally into everything.  Maggie still takes the time to take a step, do something new and see what will happen; and Ella just decides she can do something and does it. 

Strange how different babies learn, isn't it?

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