Monday, February 1, 2010

Time Keeps on Slippin, Slippin, Slippin....

We are now officially 7 and a half months old with the twins.  Wow.  I mean WOW.  It's been a ride, let me tell you.  I cannot even describe how quickly the time goes.  I think that people with singletons (that's my hubs favorite term by the way) may sort of, possibly, OH OK, only a tiny bit grasp the time thing, but I have to say until you have gone literally months with little sleep, and just walking around with utter exhaustion, you have no idea.  Let's face it, with singletons the first baby is culture shock.  The second is easier, and by the third baby, you really shouldn't be feeling too much of a change past those first few months.  For some reason while I was pregnant I thought that by this age in the babies lives, we would be somewhere between having babies 2 and 3, and life would be calming down a bit.  HA, HA, HA.  And another HA......HA.  Here we are, and literally every Thursday I look at the calendar and say to myself, "Good lord, its Thursday again.  What happened to last week?"  And not because we are sitting around watching TV all day and becoming zombies, but because everything takes TIME.  I went to the grocery store the other day before Winter Storm II of 2010 (which didn't pan out just like Winter Storm I of 2010), and spent 3 hours in the store.  Just grocery shopping with the babies.  We left at 10-10:30 (after the feeding frenzy and baths), got home at almost 1:30, and I was not finished unpacking the babies and groceries until literally 3:00.  Just in time to start thinking about dinner and try to get some laundry done.  Bye-bye that day. 

On the flip side of all of this, I can get things DONE in a fraction of the time I used to.  Literally, I remember pre-baby the hubs and I would take half a day on the weekend to clean the house, and now by myself I could clean the house, do laundry, mow, grocery shop, basically do 15 more things I used to do in those beautiful, precious 4 hours of alone time.  Of course when we don't have all the kids we have no idea what to do with our time.  Isn't funny to look back at your life pre-baby and matter how many babies you have? 

My maternal Grandma had 7 kids.  God Bless her.  She said that when people used to ask her how she did it, she would reply, "You just get more efficient with the things you do."  I think she is absolutely correct, but she forgot to throw in the "you cater to the loudest at the time" clause.  I used to think that a good day would be to take Karlie to the libray for Toddler Time, then garden, clean a little, workout, cook, whatever it was that kept us busy and moving.  That was after a year - way after our culture shock singleton baby number one - and now I have three - still in twin shock - and I think that I'm having a GREAT day if I have the time to workout. And if by God I have the time to shower after that it's a freaking AWESOME day.

Time really is a precious thing.

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