Saturday, November 28, 2009

My New Diaper Deal

I totally renege on the post.  Now that I have been buying diapers for 3 babies for a few months, I think I finally have it figured out.  Not just diapers either.  Here is my new gig for groceries, diapers, cleaning supplies, etc.

So you can load coupons onto your shopping card - I use Kroger.  For some reason the electronic coupons (which do not double by the way) do not interfere with physical coupons that you hand the cashier.  So for any one item, you basically use 2 different coupons, AND the paper coupon if it is under $.50 still doubles.  I found this out totally by mistake, but am now going to take full advantage. 

Here is an example:

Jumbo pack of Huggies at Kroger $8.99.
Electronic coupon loaded on shopper's card -$1.50.
Paper coupon for Huggies -$3.00.
Total cost - $4.49.  For Huggies.  Not a bad deal.

I only bought one pack of diapers and some other items I had coupons for because I wanted to verify that was what was really happening.    It was and is.


Now I have to go back and buy more diapers.  Really.  We'll be out in 3 days or less.  Seriously.

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