Monday, February 28, 2011


One of our night-time rituals is to play hide-and-go-seek.  Every single night.  As you can imagine, playing with 2 20-month old babies and a 3-year old can be a bit chaotic, but we've learned to embrace the chaos in our house.  Here's how it goes down:

Typically I'm "it" first, and Daddy and the 3 munchkins go hide.  There are approximately 3 places they hide - on the side of the bed, behind the bedroom door, or in the shower.  My typical places with the babies is under the desk, under the bed, or behind the big living room chair.  Of course after "searching" every room, and whomever is found, we all shout "BOO!" and giggle and laugh.  The object of hide-and-go-seek is not to find the hider, but to scare each other a little - just enough to be funny.

Lately, the babies, along with Karlie have begun taking turns counting and seeking!  When Maggie is "it" she says "OK" and takes off at a dead run to hide behind one of the doors by herself - we basically come to her on that one.  Ella on the other hand, covers up part of her eyes while closely watching and following, counting "on, choo, chee, juh" along with some rendition of "ready or not here I come," and then she will search every nook and cranny for us all.  Karlie, well, she counts and seeks, but her idea of seeking is poking her head in the door of each room and shouting "boo" until whomever she is seeking appears. 

Strange how different personalities appear when you're all playing the same game, isn't it?

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